Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

I felt SO MUCH BETTER this week than I have in the last few weeks. I honestly think it was because I was eating so many Lean Cuisines. I am starting to get used to not having as much processed food because the Husband and I are cooking more. The second we started making food again the tiredness went away. Hopefully it stays away.

So I hurt my knee. Not sure what I did. But I think it might have been my silly Reebok EasyTones (a gift from my husband who is in love with legs). I think they keep me slightly off balance and can cause problems with a high impact workout. As I get going with higher impact moves, they have been more of a hinderance. I lose my balance when I shouldn't be.

I had a couple of bad things happen this week as far as my diet is concerned:
  1. Mike brought home a Mountain Berry Crumb Pie from the Grand Traverse Pie Company: I don't like pie but THIS pie is just the most delicious slice of heaven. Each serving (1/6th) is 737 calories. Now I realize I don't have to actually EAT 1/6th, but it is so hard not to! Mike's intentions were good, but that pie and I are enemies!
  2. I Celebrated: The product I was working on had a release. Monday night I realized I hadn't celebrated the release of the product and sent a message to my husband about it. He came home with King Crab Legs, Mussels, Cor and Potatoes. I did not eat the redskins, but everything else was good. What was not so good was the bottle of Coppola Sofia we had to go with. 1/2 a bottle of Sofia turned into 8 oz of Sake, which turned into me yelling "How the frak can we be out of Bushmills???" followed by two glasses of McClelland's. Yeah I had fun. Kept track of my calories too. Good thing I had a 641 calorie burn on Turbo Jam Cardio Party Mix 3 that day. 
Weight: 180.7 lbs (-1.9 lbs)
What sort of stinks about this is that I weighed myself yesterday and it was 179.0. Oh well. Shouldn't have gone to Bravo last night for dinner.

What Went Right This Week?
  • Planning for Halloween (my Tweeties on Twitter know what I'm going to do) - purchased a pair of tight (but I can still zip them up) cargos in a size 12. Husband encouraged me to also purchase the 10 just in case. Thank goodness Old Navy has a 90 day return policy.
  • Halloween convinced my husband that I do need a good set of free weights to get started on ChaLEAN Extreme immediately so my arms will look good in my costume. 
  • I talked to my lovely Coach, Keri, about working ChaLEAN Extreme and Turbo Jam together. 
Focus for Next Week
  • Get through Husband's Cousin's wedding relatively unscathed.
  • Get a set of weights. Either separate weights, or something like Bow Flex SelectTechs. 
  • Start ChaLEAN Extreme and build some awesome arms!