Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

This week was incredibly hard. I am the first person to admit that I didn't exactly play the cards that were dealt to me correctly. For example, on Thursday I had the Aerosmith concert in Cincinnati. I did not have time to work out, and I chose to overindulge at Soho Japanese Bistro (I just couldn't avoid the Sake because I was having a good time). Friday and Saturday a good portion of my calories went to alcohol as well, but I was much better with my food choices through out the day and planned for it. I really dislike having to watch myself when I'm going out to eat with my parents and at weddings. During the wedding I should have taken my butt up to the dance area to dance off some calories but I really wanted my husband to ask me. I was being silly. I should have gotten my calorie burn on.

Thank goodness for Tuesday night Softball this week! We did so well! We won our first game (something like 14 to 6). I got on base without being walked or the other team making an error (yay!) while getting an RBI in the process. Then I made it to home and scored my first run of the season. The rest of the team was amazing - 3 home runs, a double play, we batted around the line up in one inning, and our pitcher didn't walk anyone. All firsts for us! I am going to be so upset when this is over.

Weight: 179.0 lbs (-1.7 lbs)
I don't think I really deserved a loss this week compared to other weeks, but I'll take it.

What Did I Do Right This Week?
  • I kept counting calories as best as I could. 
  • When at a restaurant with my parents I took it easy and ate Ratatouille. I figured the veggies couldn't hurt.
  • I counted every single glass of champagne at that wedding! 
  • I was kind to my knee when I needed to be.
  • I fit into a pair of shorts I purchased two years ago that I have never been able to feel comfortable in - and they fit just right!
Focus For Next Week
  • Obtain Weights! - I've done my research, now I need to purchase them.
  • Obtain New Shoes! - Enough putting it off. I don't like exercising barefoot. Probably should pick them up at the same place I get the weights - turn it into one trip.