Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Well it's that time of week again and I have been dreading it! Not that I haven't been eating well - I have. Just that I know I've been having this strange freaky weight gain due to beginning ChaLEAN Extreme and lifting weights. Seriously, my scale went up over 180 this week and I could find no reason for it.  My wonderful coach Keri sent me this link to Chalene Johnson's website entitled You Sometimes Gain Weight When Starting a New Exercise Program? I suggest reading it - there's some good information in there.

Basically after the Burn Intervals exercise in ChaLEAN Extreme I freaked out: the exercise set was the hardest I had ever done and I knew I was gaining weight. I couldn't finish Ab Burner which I was supposed to do after Burn Intervals. I gave up, body throbbing, and practically in tears. My husband said "Well, at least you put the DVD in and tried." I thanked him for that - at least he didn't make me go through last 7 minutes of Ab Burner I had left to complete. I was totally done. I had also given blood that day, a fact which I had conveniently forgotten before trying to do this incredibly intense Cardio/Muscle Endurance exercise interval program.  I have to do the same workout tomorrow - I hope it's easier this time.

I miss Turbo Jam - it was work, but it was fun work. ChaLEAN Extreme - if you're doing it correctly it's hard. Although on the second week in now I am starting to recover more easily though I am lifting heavier weights already.

Weight: 174.0 lbs (-2.6 lbs)
My weight was seriously all over the place this week. I tell everyone else not to look at the scale during the week, but of course I never listen to myself. I don't trust the scale this week. I really don't. But this is what it said after several measurements.

What I Did Right This Week
  • Listened to my body.
  • Stuck to the program, even though it's hard.
  • Pushed Play
  • In one week I've increased the number of pushups I can do on my toes from 3 to 7. That should tell you how fast this program has me moving in terms of strength. 
Focus for Next Week
Continue with ChaLEAN Extreme. Try to add in a little extra cardio (I did do this Monday by adding in the 20 Minute Turbo Jam on top of my Burn Circuit 1).  Edit some more videos! It's motivating for me to do the videos of me working out. I just hope it's motivating to others too.

Bonus - Can Wear "Goal" Shirt
The little tank I'm wearing under my sweater in the following picture was something I've never been able to really wear. I would put it on and "the girls" would get in the way. But it was so pretty I just couldn't return it to Anthropologie. 

By the way - noticing a trend yet? I tend to by "pretty" things from Anthropologie that I just barely can't wear in the hope of being able to get into them. Horrible habit!