Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge - The Housewives of Tudor Collection

I am so very glad these polishes finally arrived on my doorstep! It feels like ages ago that I pre-ordered...

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This collection, obviously inspired by several  famous Tudors, was quite a treat to swatch each polish. Each color is unique in my collection, though several have similarities (and I'll talk about those individually. But this collection also gave me the opportunity to do a little bit of research as well, which is always fun.

Each polish was two coats, though these polishes are VERY pigmented. As I expect of Rescue Beauty Lounge, application was easy and smooth.

I swatched these two at a time and wore them for a day (or two). I have normal wear, for me. They were applied over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and topped with Seche Vite. On normal people, I expect your wear to be exceptional.

In chronological order, of course...

Catherine of Aragon
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Named after Catherine of Aragon, the first wife of Henry VIII. As you probably know, she was dismissed after Henry's infatuation with Anne. She also happened to be the mother of Mary. This color is a deep rich purple brown with complex shimmer. The color almost comes off looking like a stone finish, the way the little flex of shimmer glitter in the sun in a relatively flat base. The shimmer consists of red and green-blue particles from what I can see. I had really great wear with this polish, except where my nail was weak.

Anne Boleyn
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Of course, named after Anne Bolelyn. This infamous Tudor woman from what I remember is the one blamed for the split between England and the Catholic Church, as Henry VIII had to become Protestant in order to be split from Catherine. She was also the mother of Elizabeth I. I  must admit I was a bit enamored of the story "The Other Boleyn Girl" and tend to see Anne as a bit of a psycho as a result. My history obviously comes from popular culture. :)

This hotly anticipated color is a deep earthy green that borders a little on a brown-green. Again it has the same type of shimmer to it, red, greens and golds come out in this color. It also has almost the appearance of stone.

In bright sunlight
Out of sun, a little more true to color.

Sephora by OPI Run with it (Left), Jane by Rescue Beauty Lounge (right)

Jane Seymour
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This color was named for Jane Seymour. No, not the one that's still alive today, the third wife of Henry VIII and mother of Edward, who later became king.

This color was the one I was anticipating the most because I promised Michelle from All Lacquered Up I would compare it with  Sephora by OPI Run With It. Also because Jane happens to be my middle name. There is gold shimmer in this polish, and it is a warmer putty color than Run with It. But on the nail it really looks much more like a cream than a polish with glitter. It's a very nice neutral if you're looking for one.

Catherine Howard
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Catherine H.
Named after Catherine Howard, she was Henry's Fifth Wife. She did not bare Henry any children. And honestly I don't know anything about her at all.

This color is quite beautiful, but it is not for me. It is a medium blue with that same nearly stone-like finish of Anne and Catherine. It has red-pink and blue-green shimmer in it. I saw it and immediately thought of my blue-loving friend Kara, who often wears a dress that nearly matches this polish. Not that it means anything to you, but a personal tidbit to share.

Bottom Line
All of these polishes are of exceptional quality so I recommend them if you are willing to pay the high price. My favorites in order of preference are Jane, Anne, Catherine, and Catherine H. I think this collection was worth the wait.

I really wish Rescue Beauty Lounge had done ALL the wives of Henry VIII. Wouldn't that have been fun?

These polishes are available on the Rescue Beauty Lounge website for $18 each.