Saturday, September 18, 2010

Review: Lng Skincare Organic Lip Salvation in Ginger Mango

When I first laid eyes on the  Ling Skincare product catalogue, I was immediately drawin go the Lip Salvation Collection. Upon my first order I chose to also order a member o the Lip Salvation Collection: Ginger Mango.
I am always curious about lip balms, and trying to find the right one. The price of this one was low enough for me where I could make it an impulse purchase - gladly.

What The Website Says
Ling has developed a new formulation of lip protection called Lip Salvation. The new Organic SPF 15 lip balms use Ginger along with vitamins, Gingo Biloba extract, Mango extract, Coconut oil and Honey to moisturize and protect the lips from the sun and environment. They come in three nourishing flavors, two with tint and one with no color. Ginger Mango lip balm is clear. 

What My Big Book of Ling Skincare Stuff Says
Exactly the same thing.

Aloe & Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Ginger and Mango, Essential Oil, and Beeswax.

For having such heavy ingredients listed (the beeswax) I am surprised at how light and smooth this lip balm glides on.

The Ginger and Mango is a great combination here. The ginger, I think is the strongest note, but the mango mellows it out. Personally, I really like it.

For a 0.15 oz tube, $8.50. It sounds like a lot but like most things "Ling" a little goes a long way. And quite honestly, for a Lip Balm I have purchased ones that are two or three times that cost.

My Experience
I knew I wanted a lip balm from Ling after trying their Weekly Facial for the first time. My lips didn't have attention with that system. Like most lip balms I look for, I was glad to see that this has SPF in it and takes into account both UVA and UVB rays.  But unlike SPF based lip balms I've tried, this one just glides smoothly. I don't feel like I'm wearing a "lip mask" for better description. And yes, it sits evenly under makeup. After a few minutes the moisture sinks into your lips keeping them smooth and hydrated.

Bottom Line
If you're purchasing from Ling Skincare, I do suggest choosing one of the Lip Salvation Lip Balms as an impulse purchase. You won't be sorry. I do recommend this for casual wear - I have not tried it in the dead of winter as an intense hydration therapy... Yet!