Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stila's Back To School Makeup Player Set - Must Have? Or WTF?

Having not seen this product in person, I'm just going to pose some of the utility questions of this idea and let you all take it away in comments.

Image from Stila's Website
Back To School Makeup Player Set - $50

What the Site Says:
"Rock out in style this fall with the perfect dorm room accessory, the Stila Makeup Player!

This chic makeup case and portable speaker system-in-one connects to any mp3 player or smart phone so you can listen to music while you are getting ready to go out, getting ready for class, studying , etc.

PLUS, this set comes stocked with makeup that will complement any occasion:
Supplies limited, so hurry and grab one today"

Assuming that these makeup items that come with the set are full size, this case would totally be worth the price. The Blissful set is $20, The Black Diamond Mascara is $24, and the Smudgestick is $20. However, I really question the utility of this product if the selling point is that it has a speaker system attached in it. Here's why:
  • Assuming things haven't changed from when I was in college, my computer was also in my dorm room and that plays my MP3s. 
  • Added peripherals can give even better speakers if desired. 
  • If my computer is a portable device then it's already portable.
  • I am not going to tote my entire makeup collection around with me and bust it out in the middle of the quad complete with tunes. I don't care how makeup obsessed I am. Not going to happen. 
  • Even if I take this case to the communal bathroom to put on makeup where the lighting and mirrors may be better, I wouldn't want to disturb others with my music (even though my taste in music is infinitely better than theirs).
  • After hours, if I'm applying makeup using this case in the community bathroom my Resident Advisor would probably get a little ticked if the speakers are too loud. (I know about this one!)
Also skeptical about the fact that Stila does not seem to have the specs for this case online. Is it big? Is it small? Will it only fit the makeup that it comes with? Does it assume that I'll be putting only Stila makeup into it or can it accommodate a variety of packaging?

I think I come down on the side of "This is a silly way of trying to be more hip and I wish Stila had just focused on creating an affordable and awesome storage case that could hold as much as possible in an organized fashion."

What do you think? I'm I becoming an old fuddy duddy?