Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Zoya Nail Polish New "Spoon" Program

Image from Zoya's Press Release
Zoya Wants to Spoon With You!
I have had to keep this under wraps for a while now. And they told me I couldn't post it until September 1. So guess what? 12:01 am baby! I have been wanting to discuss Zoya Spooning, because I think there are a LOT of implications behind this idea...

What is a Zoya Spoon?
A nail shaped swatch of nail polish color on a plastic stick that can be sent to you for your examination.

What does it cost?
The cost is $0.50 a spoon. You get to choose the color. Free shipping on all spoons. Cost of spoon gets credited to your account for a future purchase.

What are the benefits?
Well, for someone like me who buys as many colors as they wan whenever the want to, there isn't much benefit. But if you happen to be the type of person who is looking for the most perfect shade of polish, or can't quite decided you have two benefits:
  1. You get to see the real color and compare it to your skin tone, the color of the coordinating outfit, your stash, your cat's fur, whatever before you buy the polish. 
  2. Every purchase of a spoon is "banked". You will be given a code for your account to redeem the cost of the spoon. So if you purchase 14 spoons, you've just earned yourself a free bottle of polish. 
So what do you think? Will YOU be "spooning" with Zoya?
Is this a cute, innovative way to try the polish before you buy it? There are several questions that are floating around in my head:
  • As a person who purchases large quantities of polish, I am likely to view this as a waste of time. Might as well just buy the polish.
  • What do you do with the spoons once you have them? Are they recyclable?
  • Can I only redeem from my spoon bank once I reach a "bottle" amount? Or can I pull from it whenever I want to, in effect reducing the price of my order?
  • Is polish really such an important purchase that you need to think about it like this? Or is polish more of an impulse buy?
  • Knowing I am not a "typical" purchaser, how often do people really hunt for that perfect shade where this would be useful? How many  of these hunters are there out there? 
  • Could this be a good way of planning for the Zoya Nail Polish exchange? Order Spoons and create a queue of polishes to buy?
  • Is there an impact to bloggers? Could "Spoon" purchasing take the place of bloggers ordering entire collections to review? Or would Zoya start sending  spoons to bloggers instead of bottles to save costs? 
Anyway, those are just some questions I am asking myself. I am skeptical of how practical this program is for both the consumer and for Zoya. Personally, I am rarely looking for the "perfect" shade, but more looking for a "new" shade. This is one of those "Things that make you go 'hmmmm'...

Have you seen the kooky Spooning ad yet?

What are your thoughts?