Friday, October 29, 2010

Comparison: Zoya Suvi vs. China Glaze Jolly Holly

Just because I don't have any of the gorgeous old green polishes like OPI Rainforest I always think of Zoya Suvi when I come up against another Forrest green.

Zoya "Suvi" (Left), China Glaze "Jolly Holly" (right)
I may have to amend my comparisons in the future because as you can see, Suvi is clearly more blue. I never realized exactly how blue it was until I received China Glaze Jolly Holly from PR. But I think I now have a new polish with which to compare forest greens.

For the record, I think both polishes look gorgeous on. It's worth owning both.

The China Glaze products in this post were provided to me by PR for the purpose of review. I am not affiliated with China Glaze nor do I sell China Glaze products.