Friday, October 15, 2010

Congratulations to ggggg! You win MAC Bad Fairy!

Reader "ggggg" has won MAC Bad Fairy Nail Polish! The winner was chosen at random by number drawing on

When asked what ggggg would do if they were a Bad Fairy, ggggg said:
"If I were a Bad Fairy first I would make it so I win this darn giveway (!!!!!!!) and then conjure up one of those purses that never runs out of money. That's all."
I guess ggggg is a true "Bad Fairy" because it worked. :)

Some of my other favorite entries were...

From Beautopia:
"If I were a bad fairy I'd go into the DMV computer system and revoke the licenses of everyone that has a low IQ, texts while driving or cuts me off:) road rage much? I think so."
Pretty said:
"if i was a 'bad' fairy.. hmm i'd make is so all all the 'hot' guys in the world were nice and humble.. so every girl can get a nice hot guy.. lol.. and i'd make it so i could have perfect polish all the time... and make is so everyone was jealous.."

And my favorite was EvilAngel:
"If I was a Bad Fairy...OoooooOooo....wait you want the PG version?!
I think I already am a Bad Fairy...EvilAngel, Bad Fairy same thing right?
I would Gorilla glue my hubbies Ex to my Ex and video the best Youtube video ever. Title:Stank Whale vs. Loser Lizzard"
There were definitely two themes that emerged from entries:
  1.  Revenge on people.
  2. Making people nicer - mostly coworkers.
 I think there's a lesson in there somewhere...

Thanks to everyone who entered my MAC Bad Fairy giveaway. Thank you for reading and stay tuned. You never know when the next giveaway will appear!