Friday, October 8, 2010

Giveaway! MAC Venomous Villains - Bad Fairy Nail Polish

That pic is of MY polish - you can't have that. But guess what? I have an EXTRA Bad Fairy! Would you like it? Because I hope you do!

Giveaway Rules
  1. Comment on this blog. - Tell me what YOU would do if you were a "Bad Fairy" and could get away with anything, having all of Maleficent powers at your disposal. 
  2. Give Me A Way to Contact You - You can't win if I can't get a hold of you. Follow Via Google Friend Connect or on Twitter, provided you have the email function turned on. Leave your email address in the format of "myname at domainname dot com" or even leave me your twitter name.
  3.  Get Another Entry by tweeting "RT and follow @styrch for your chance to win MAC Bad Fairy Nail Polish:RT and Follow @Styrch to win MAC Bad Fairy Nail Polish:"
All entries must be received by noon Friday, October 15th.

Note: Since I purchased this polish out of my own pocket, I hope you'll give me some entertaining "Bad Fairy" stories.