Sunday, October 31, 2010

Holloween Book Plug - Feed by Mira Grant

I just finished this book called Feed by Mira Grant. Since it's Halloween and the Zombie Apocalypse is absolutely on topic, I thought  why not share?

I first heard about this book via the Podcast Writing Excuses (which I adore). I believe it was mentioned in the context of a point of view discussion, but I could be wrong. Either way, it doesn't really matter why it was mentioned - I happened to pick it up.

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It's 2040 and the Zombie Apocalypse has happened. Actually, it's long over. The world has been living with Zombies for something like 20 years. The human race is still around, the United States is still around (though we lost Alaska to Zombie Moose). The only reason humans are alive is because when the Zombie Apocalypse happened bloggers (yay!) saved the planet. They were the first to report about the walking dead and how to survive. See, the regular news had way too much red tape and couldn't get the word out fast enough.

The story follows Georgia and Shaun Mason who blog for a site containing a collection of blogs called After The End Times. They, and their techie side kick Buffy, have just been invited on the campaign trail of a promising presidential candidate. The Kellis-Amberlee Virus (what caused Zombies to appear to begin with) is at the forefront of every issue (of course).

What I Liked About This Book
Primarily, this was just a fun read. But it is the first book that I have read that centered on Zombies that made me cry. Yes I'm a sap, but I don't usually cry when reading books. I enjoyed the characters very much. And you know, since it's a Zombie book, people die. Apparently this book is to be a series (Newsflesh). I can't wait to read what comes next!

This book reads like a movie. I hope they make one actually. I'll go see it. I try to stay away from Zombie movies (unless the movie stars Milla Jovovich) because I am prone to Zombie nightmares. I can't even watch Shaun of the Dead. I had actually dismissed Feed as a book I wouldn't read until listening to the Writing Excuses podcast. I'm glad I put aside my fear of Zombies for this little treat!

What Isn't So Good
This book was extremely predictable. But I am also not going to hold that against the book. It still gets a big thumbs up for being fun.

Bottom Line
If you are at all interested, I suggest reading it. And if you're a blogger, I think you'll love it even more.