Friday, October 22, 2010

Outfit From Last Week - Help Me Fix It!

Ok, so hypothetical situation: You're in Target. You see a pair of crazy hosiery. You purchase them. What do you wear them with?  This was my solution...

Outfit Components
  • Sea NYC T-shirt purchased on Ideeli
  • Black Cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft - which is probably a bit big by now.
  • Skirt from Old Navy - Which is probably a little too tight.
  • Tights - from Target.
  • Boots - Report Signature (You've seen these before).
I got a lot of "compliments" on this outfit the day I wore it. But I was more skeptical about it. I think people were commenting because the tights were very busy and loud. Sort of the Regina George "Oh my god! I love that bracelet! Where did you get it?" type of comments.

So if you owned this pair of tights, what would you do with them? Or, do you think I made the best move possible given the situation? Constructive criticism appreciated below!