Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Outfit Inspired by Reader "Sumo" - Venturing Into Leggings

My dear friend and co-worker "Sumo" has been living and working across the country for a good long while now and I still miss her. One of the things I miss on a daily basis was seeing what she would wear to work. I don't know how the girl did it, but she could manage to show up to work still wearing pajama bottoms and no one would look twice. That was just "Sumo". One thing she had down very well was the leggings and tunic look. So when I stumbled upon a pair of leggings in my drawer last week I thought I'd give it a shot in her honor.

While comfy and fun, I am clearly NOT "Sumo". I think I came off looking a little pirate in this. But hey, I tried!

  • Cardigan - Banana Republic: First time I've been able to wear this. Picked it up at the Factory store when I was too large to wear it hoping I'd get into it eventually.
  • Tunic - Salvage: Oh boy do I love this tunic! Lots of lacing. I just wish I understood the graphic. I dislike wearing shirts when I don't understand the graphic.
  • Leggings - Banana Republic: Picked these up when Sumo was still around in Dayton. 
  • Boots - MaddenGirl - picked these up mostly for Halloween this year.
I can do better, I know it!