Monday, October 11, 2010

Polish - Zoya Harlow: Here I am, venturing back into mattes and velvets...

I really didn't want to try this polish that much because I had such poor luck with other Zoya Mattes (see my post on Zoya Posh). But the velvet is a little different, they seem more sparkly and for me, adhere just a bit better (read "super tons better") than Posh did on me.

Plus it's called "Harlow". How could I not buy this?

And I took a second picture because this color does change a bit depending on the lighting...

Harlow is a fuchsia-purple "Velvet" finish (more sparkly than matte). If you own MAC Violetta lipstick, this color looks a lot like that lipstick in my opinion.

It's a two coater, but be careful: like the mattes, they dry quickly and your brush can get a little goopy.

Over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator, this wears better than the Zoya Matte polishes on me. I took these pictures the morning after and you can tell I have a small bit of tip wear. I didn't start getting chips until the second day.

Bottom Line
A tentative recommendation. Harlow is gorgeous, but again I still wish the wear were better.