Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

My biggest struggle this week has been eating a balanced diet. With my husband at school, I'm eating Lean Cuisine a bit too much in the evening. I've also been having a lot of Skinny Cow snacks (they are so good), yet I have been failing to meet my minimum calorie intake per day. That is unusual for me, and frustrating. How do I fill it? I don't have a lot in the house. So the answer has been Whiskey. Not a great answer and a habit I need to break. But it was nice to indulge in Bushmills a couple of evenings last week. I forgot how much I missed that stuff.

So yes, I knew I would lose this week. But please don't follow my eating (drinking) habits. They just weren't good this week!

Weight: 170.7 lbs (-2.4 lbs)

What Went Right This Week
  • I got into a size 12 skirt.
  • I got all of my workouts in, though I substituted a Cardio Party instead of "Burn it Off and Recharge" because, quite frankly, I needed some fun. ChaLEAN Extreme's weight lifting workouts are fun, but the cardio is not fun for me. 
What To Improve On Next Week
I absolutely need more protein and iron. I was chewing ice cubes like crazy this weekend, which I know is a sign that my iron is low. I need to balance out my diet again. That means creating a shopping list. I probably need to cook more and rely less on the microwave.

Halloween is drawing close. I want to look my best!