Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Hey I've got good news! I didn't gain this week! I was really afraid that I would gain this week. I have been hungry like you wouldn't believe! But my lovely coach, Xoreds, said that is normal considering how heavy I am lifting. I felt so horrible yesterday because I was snacking a lot and was going over my calorie intake. But Xoreds said that is sometimes a good thing, that it keeps your body guessing (she referenced The Wendie Plan, which I encourage you to have a look at). I think on my most successful weeks I've actually unconsciously followed this.

Weight: 167.9 (-1.9 lbs) YAY!

I also know for a fact that I have been losing inches. I was able to zip up two size 10 dresses yesterday, though I wouldn't want to wear them out of the house yet. I was so excited I sent pictures to my husband who said "You ruined it with the socks!" My response was basically "you missed the point entirely - I'm able to zip up a size 10! You should be thrilled for me." To which he basically grunted and ignored my comment. Ugh. Men.

What I Want To Focus On For Next Week
Food. I have to get back to healthy, cut out processed meals, come up with a better snacking strategy than "Skinny Cow" and "Whiskey".

Don't Forget: