Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

It finally happened. We all knew it would. I gained... This week was not a good one. I had my in laws over for a visit, which meant eating out a couple of times.  I also had a party to attend. I tried to be good at all times, but sometimes my hunger, snacking, little nibbles here and there got the best of me.

I did meet my exercise goals this week and got every workout I wanted to get in done. I even made myself do 20 minute Turbo Jam and Ab Burner yesterday even though it was a "rest day". Maybe, my gain this week is because during my weighted workouts I was really lifting. VERY HEAVY WEIGHTS. I have been doing that for a few weeks now, so it could be muscle.

Weight: 168.4 (+ 0.5 lbs)

So here is what I don't understand. If I lost only a half a pound I'd be saying "I maintained." Why am I so willing to say "I gained" here?

Good Stuff This Week
  • Fitting into Size 10s in some brands. That's a big thing!
  • Didn't hit the alcohol as much this week (maybe that's the problem...). :)
What to focus on for next week...
Clean food, smarter choices. I've been relying too heavily on the Lean Cuisine and the Skinny Cow. Time to start cooking.