Saturday, October 23, 2010

Review (Part 6) - Penhaligon's Fragrance Profiling Service: Bonus And Overall Assessment

Imagine my surprise when at the bottom of Alex Musgrave's list of recommendations he added a 4th item...
"I thought about Artemisia for you too, but i think perhaps it is a little soft perhaps. Hard to tell without sampling it on your skin.  Reading through your answers I wanted to recommend three fragrances that would speak to different sides of your personality.  I hope you enjoy my answers and choose something that suits you.  Have fun too, and do let me know how you get on."
His concerns about Artemisia and me were spot on, but we already know that I love Artemisia regardless. Alex was unaware of this, so I was pleased when he added this little tag line below. 

Overall Assessment of the Penhaligon's Fragrance Profiling Service
I was so impressed with the personal touch Penhaligon's gave to this service. The fact that I got to have an email exchange with the actual fragrance profiler is nothing short of amazing to me. I wish more fragrance companies would provide this type of service. Instead they try to lure us in with flashy images and vague descriptions (looking at you Chanel). Talking with Alex was such a treat and there is very little doubt in my mind that ANYONE interested in fragrances would not have a similarly enjoyable experience.

What Penhaligon's Could Improve On
While I promised to purchase Alex's number one suggestion for me (a risk), it wasn't a factor in me receiving samples as far as I know. Penhaligon's should think about providing samples (when possible), even for a small fee. I know I would be willing to pay to smell the suggested fragrance in a sample before purchasing a $100 bottle of perfume. It is a small suggestion that I think will make all the difference.

Bottom Line
If you like perfumes, I encourage you to take advantage of Penhaligon's Profiling Service. It's fun and you won't be sorry you did it because the service itself is free. If you're in New York or London, go to the boutiques/vendors and smell your suggestions and choose what is right for you. If not, email customer service. They may take pity on you as they did me.

Incidentally, here is my order in which I intend on purchasing my suggestions (and yes, I think I will own these all at some point):
  • Artemisia - I have the solid perfume but I love it so much I must have the bottle perfume and the lotion! It will happen.
  • Sartorial - Although I only smelled this on paper, I simply must have it. Even if the bottle just sits there and I spray it on random things. Maybe if I am lucky my husband will like it. He rarely wears anything though.
  • Lily & Spice - This scent is simply too different to ignore. I will have it at some point.
  • Amaranthine - I can hold off on this scent while I have Night Scented Stock. The two would be competing for my attention. 
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