Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review (Part 2): Penhaligon's Fragrance Profiling Service - Alex Musgrave's Opinion of My Scent Selections

As I stated in the previous post, I received a very personal response from Alex, master profiler for Penhaligon's Ltd. 

In the questions asked to me, I had to detail out some of my current fragrance choices. I was actually surprised when Alex's suggestions returned to me with his opinion of my current choices and how he felt about some of them. Here is what he had to say in his intro to my recommendations:

"I received your answers to the Fragrance Profiling questions via Nicky in head office.  Thank you for taking the time to answer them and think about them so fully. I loved your answers. I too adore the rainbow shimmering aromas of petrol. A cat person too. I was thinking the other week how beautiful my cat smelt after she sat basking in the sun for a while. You have some lovely taste in fragrances.  The Lolita Lempicka is one of my particular favourites, I am big fan of its creator Annick Menardo. She made Bulgari Black, Hypnotic Poison and the Le Labo Patchouli as well, she is  a fearless and innovative nose.  A lot of your fragrance choices ooze with fruits and white flowers. The D&G was a delicious sticky pungent white floral with the beautiful peachy glow about it.  I wouldn’t worry too much about finding the perfect ‘me’ scent unless that is something you really want. A lot of stuff has been written about signature scents over the years. Truth be told, in my opinion you can become trapped in a scented rut, applying the same layers of familiarity every day and night.  I think perfume should be considered in wardrobe terms, scents for different days, moods, public and private occasions etc. I wear one scent only to bed and another when I go to see an old friend who just loves the smell on me. Wearing bitter melancholy Eau Noire by Dior floods me with memories of Paris in the rain, and strolling with my partner as fireworks exploded across the new year skyline.
But there is something powerful about being defined by the sudden arrival of a scent, your own announcement or leaving a sillage or wake as you depart, your scent echoing through a room.  I prefer the unexpected, to play with fragrance,  orientals for breakfast,  a indolic white swooning floral as I wander through the supermarket pondering dinner, chocolate tints for a casual picnic lunch and waves of incense trailing off me as I wander carefully around an exhibition, shoes echoing in the silence. Our moods shift and change too, as you said, sometimes we carve comfort, other tome we want to unsheath claws and flash skin.
I have three suggestions for you. All of them different, but will I hope with something that will catch you, make you think about what is you are looking for and hopefully one of them will be the one that just blooms perfectly on your skin and you think....yes...I smell beautiful. After all, that is all that really matters."
I must admit Alex absolutely captured my attention with this introduction (that was the point I assume). Clearly, one of his gifts as a profiler was to capture the imagination with words. I found this quite unexpected.

Want to know what Alex Musgrave suggested for me? I will reveal one each day for the remainder of the week!

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