Friday, October 1, 2010

Review: Zoya's Fire & Ice Collection - Swatches and Bottle Shots

I can't tell you how hard it has been to not post bottle pics. I was told by my Good Zoya Fairy that they couldn't be posted until October 1, so I'm guessing you nail polish lovers are getting bombarded right now... but seriously, this collection rocks! And if you go to Zoya's website, you can buy it now!

Left to Right: Tiffany, Gloria, Crystal, Lisa, Sarah (YAY!), Valerie
Preemptive Apology - My nails are so not worthy of this collection. I was going through softball at the time I received it and hit a very bad rough patch. So my pics are not the greatest. I will update as I wear these again... and yes, I will be wearing these again almost certainly. So please know, my nails were not kind to me, and my camera is sub par. But I worked really hard to bring this review to you so I hope you enjoy it.

For something named Fire & Ice I expected something different. Like maybe some more bolder colors (could anyone do a smoldering foil black?) and higher contrast between the "Fire" and the "Ice" colors. But this collection, in each color I see Fire and Ice represented. For example, you have a firey red in Sarah but it has a cool tone to it. In Crystal you have an icy blue with hot gold shimmer. They all have a foil-ish finish and you know that makes for one VERY HAPPY Styrch!

True to Zoya form, each of these was a two coater. No three coats for me!

Over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and topped with Seche Vite, I had wear that was just fine for me (but you know I set low expectations). I think you'll be fine.

Glittery, metallic, foil baby! And all of them are smooth with top coat. No chunkiness here!

Note - my camera was having a very difficult time capturing the finish correctly here. I did go for color more than finish. These are very much what you would expect of foils, in my opinion.

Tiffany is a lovely peach foil. Zoya called it a "Champagne" color but it is a little too pink and a little too orange to be called that in my opinion. This delightful shade reminds me of someone blushing at something embarrassing, and is utterly charming. Tiffany is one of my top three in this collection.

Gloria is your true pink foil. This one seems to have the same mix of glittery particles as Tiffany, giving a nice sharp contrast between the color and the glitter. I called this the "Styrch Slayer" in my preview of the Fire & Ice Plates, and yes indeed Gloria is most definitely a polish for me! I love her completely. Once again I am DYING for a matching lip color!

Every time I hear the name "Crystal" I think of trashy Crystal from True Blood. But this color is anything but trashy. She is an icy blue with hot gold and silver shimmer in her. Easily a winner. The color is quite a bit lighter than similar shade OPI Absolutely Alice. Crystal is a truly beautiful wintry blue!

Lisa is my husband's favorite. She is a true fiery red, probably best on neutral/warm tones. The thing I disliked about this polish is that Zoya didn't go for contrasting glitter particles here, which gives it much less diversity and depth than Crystal, Gloria, and Tiffany. You'll see this in Sarah too.

I could not be happier that Zoya finally named a polish "Sarah"... And I actually LOVE it! I'm picky about my reds, but the day I wore this I kept staring at my tips going "Wow, that's gorgeous!" This deep wine red is just stunning. While Sarah leans cool, I think warmer tones could get away with her too. Zoya claims that she's the prettiest red metallic ever, and I'm not quite ready to throw in with that statement. My heart still belongs to OPI La Bohem. The only thing that could make Sarah better for me would have been to add some golden particles in with the matching wine/magenta for depth.

I hate my nails in this picture. They just don't do Valerie justice! May have to retake at some point.

Valerie is that drop dead gorgeous purple you know you are looking for. Die hard purple fans should snatch her up because she is hot! Her glitter is more diverse than Lisa and Sarah, there's gold in here and Valerie benefits from it. While not my favorite of this collection, she is still a must have.

Bottom Line
I don't think there's a weak polish in this bunch and I would recommend the whole collection. In order of favorites from me, I would say Gloria and Tiffany (a tie really),  Sarah (sorry girl, but you're not my fav), Valerie, Crystal, and Lisa.

Full Disclosure
The products in this review were furnished to me by Zoya not only for my use but for review. Other than the products mentioned above I will not be compensated in any other way by Zoya and will provided my honest opinion of the product. I don't sell Zoya products, nor am I affiliated with Zoya/Art of Beauty in any way.