Thursday, October 14, 2010

Score! Another Goal Dress Found: French Connection via Ideeli

I have had my eye on this dress ever since I saw the Lizzie Grant character wearing it on Entourage...

Image from Ideeli - French Connection $52 (formerly $160)

I purchased it in the largest size they had available, size 10. On another site where I found it a while back it was  called the "Sarah" dress, so that's another reason it has stuck in my head. I always have to have things with my name. Anyway I hope it works out. I hope I can tell what it will look like if I lose enough to wear it when it arrives.

On a side note, Ideeli has been great for me lately. They have helped me through this awkward shape changing weight loss better than any other site out there. The prices are good, and they have been excellent with their service. They are also very fun to talk with on Twitter.

If you need an invitation to Ideeli, please feel free to use my Invitation Link.