Monday, October 18, 2010

What DOES Every Fall Wardrobe Need?

I was reading this email I got from JCrew which was titled "What Every Fall Wardrobe Needs". I clicked on it curious what they would say. Their answer: The Tissue Turtleneck. Not exactly what popped into my head first. Actually, what popped into my head was a list:

  • Something  Plaid- You know I'm a sucker for plaid. I don't care if it's not the trendy thing each year, but I must have myself a plaid skirt! My husband likes it too, much to my chagrin. This year, I've shrunken into mine, so I'm happy.
  • Opaque Black Tights - They go with everything. Yes, you can get funkier tights but this is a Fall must! 
  • Boots - I tend to think the classic knee high, heeled leather boot is essential. This year, though, I mean anything from flat to heel, laced or not laced, knee high, thigh high, ankle length. But I just can't get behind the open toed bootie.
  • Rocking Jeans - This goes for all year round, but really... what's fall without them?
  • Jacket  - I don't care if it's leather, trench, motorcycle, military, whatever. As the temperature turns cold, you need something. I have several. I have a trench, I have a motorcycle jacket, and I have a really cheap royal purple corduroy one I picked up from Target last year. 
I certainly don't have the answer here... I have many answers! So I ask you, dear readers, what pops into your head when I ask "What Does Every Fall Wardrobe Need?" Do you have a simple answer like JCrew? Or do you go through a list like I do? Maybe yours isn't clothing at all... maybe it's a lipstick or polish shade. Let me know in your comments below!