Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Window" Shopping: Fall Diane Von Furstenberg at Bergdorf Goodman

This is nothing new if you're like me and you've been oogling DVF on a regular bases online, but Bergdorf Goodman put up their pics and, quite frankly, they are a lot better than the ones on the DVF site. I just wanted to share my dress picks with you in case you hadn't had a look yet.

My Favorite - The Jori Menswear Dress

Jori Menswear Dress - $385
I like this dress because I adore the play with the pinstrips. Plus I am a huge fan of gray. I could see myself WANTING to wear this to work, which is a change for me - I'm usually not a dress person for work in Dayton. We are very casual. But sometimes you need something and I think this would be an excellent investment piece for me. Imagine it with boots even!

The Fun Pick - Printed-Skirt Combo Dress

Printed-Skirt Combo Dress - $345
You might remember this from the super high catwalk on America's Next Top Model a couple of weeks back. It stood out to me because I've been looking at it online and I love the print in the skirt. While I think one could still get away with wearing this for work, it certainly is fun! I just wish it actually was a skirt and a top. I'd wear both separately.

Stop Traffic Dress - The Cheetah-Print Shift Dress

Cheetah-Print Shift Dress - $345
Not much to say about this except I love the print and I think you'd have to be a very gutsy woman to be able to wear this. A woman who could pull this off could pull it off for any situation. But it certainly is eye catching, isn't it? Perhaps it also reminds me slightly of Althea Harper's Futurism Print from last year, which I adore.

I've never owned any DVF, but I hope to in the near future. The body might be able to fit, but the shape isn't right yet. Look for me to be rocking something here by the end of the year! It's a goal. Have I mentioned that, while high, these prices don't seem as insane as other designers? That makes me all warm and fuzzy. 

Do you own any Diane Von Furstenberg? If so, I'm jealous! Tell me about it below!

All pictures are from Bergdorf Goodman's website - they are not mine.