Tuesday, November 16, 2010

3 Days and 1 Night Looking Like Crap! - Traveling in Amsterdam Without The "Essentials"

The first morning I awoke in Amsterdam I had to get ready for the office. Low and behold, I forgot two very important items: 1) my liquid foundation and 2) my eye lash curler.

Liquid Foundation - My Reasons For Needing It
The TSA and I will have words some day over the fact that I can't fit liquid foundation AND hair products into a quart size bag together easily. Especially if I intend to take skincare (which I really need on trips). This trip I was stuck with my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light and ye ole beloved 187 brush. When I realized I did not have liquid foundation in my bag (I was in Atlanta airport) I tweeted out "Oh no! Can I really go a week with only my MSF???" I discovered my answers "No, Styrch, you can not. Not because it won't do the job, but because you are you!"

My skin doesn't seem to like powder foundations by itself - I get dry and flaky. The powder seems to stand out and just look awful on me. Also, I find liquid foundation a little better at covering the dreaded "Airplane Acne" I always get.This is why I always remain skeptical of mineral  foundation. I'm just not sure my skin could handle it. You'll see this below in my photos. I look like DEATH.

Why Eyelash Curlers Rock
We joke and call them medieval torture devices because they just look scary next to the eye. Indeed, one of my friends called me one time in a frantic state because her eyelash curler refused to open... while in the act of curling her lashes. But here's the honest truth: mascara or no, curled lashes make you look more awake. When you are experiencing jet lag and you want to look you best, most professional, it is a must to have one of these.

The power of an eyelash curler and a good liquid foundation working magic on my face is staggering. While I am not one of the great beauties of the world (far from it). You will now see what my face is like either. Being absolutely out of it for the duration of my trip, I don't remember everything I used. But I'll try to note it where I can...

Behold! 3 Days and 1 Night of Looking Like Crap Gallery!!!

Day 1 - Eye shadows were from Meow Cosmetics (can't remember which).Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Rockstar. Mac Plushlash Mascara in Plush Black. Cheeks were MAC Brier Rose Beauty Powder. I think lips were Revlon Bitten Lipstain in Beloved.

Wish I remembered what I used. I liked this.

Day 2 - Again I was using my Meow Cosmetic samples. Awesome for packing really since they are just powders in a bag. I don't remember the Shadows, but I did use Meow Wanton blush. Seriously, if you get this blush, you will need to go lightly with your hand. I went over my face AGAIN with the MSF and it still did not tame my cheeks. My lips... I believe this was Fyrinnae Glitter Kitties.

Night - We went out to dinner one evening. I was slightly more awake for this. I remember using a Meow Cosmetics green color with MAC Magic Dust Eye Shadow. I know I also used MAC New York Apple for my lips. Cheek color was either Briar Rose Beauty Powder or Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick in Apricot. Also used MAC Blackline Pearlglide Eyeliner.

Day 3 - "Dead to the World" is what I like to call this. I was seriously tired. I didn't know it at the time, but the city noises were keeping me up at night, waking me up ever half hour or so with sirens. I do know I used MAC Magic Dust on eyes and used Moth Brown as a liner shade here. Also used Viva Glam IV on my lips. The rest is a blur.

On the plus side, my wardrobe was killer... except maybe the shoes.

Anyway, I guess this is a long post that is fodder for the troll who loves to tell me I look like poop! Well, at least I'm acknowledging it.