Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BeautyBloggers.org Auction! Live now through December 20th

Awesome news! A charity auction has been arranged by some of my fellow beauty bloggers and favorite brands. I learned about it recently and really wanted to let you know about it. I am not participating int eh form of donating this year - I found out about it too late. But I did want to show them my support by publicizing what they are doing. You will want to check this out!

BeautyBloggers.org Charity Auction Details
  • Who: Over 50 Beauty Bloggers and Brands looking to make a difference in the world. And they all want YOU to get involved!
  • What:  A charity auction to raise money in the spirit of the holidays for  Doctors Without Borders
  • When: Now through December 20th at 5 pm CST. 
  • Where:  BeautyBloggers.org
  • How: You will have to register before bidding. Money will go directly to Doctors Without Borders.  Money will be collected through a special Doctors Without Borders website and they take credit cards. International bidders will have to pay through PayPal. If you win a bid you will be contacted with more information.
All of the Lovely Bloggers and Brands who are Participating:

Go check it out and give these lovelies a hand for making a difference!