Monday, November 22, 2010

Dress Disaster: My First DVF... and it has issues. Help!

Image from Rue-La-La
Last week I blogged about obtaining my very first DVF dress via Rue-La-La. Yes, the Jori Dress (pictured right). I ordered a size 12, expecting the dress to be tight, but achievable. I mean, I'm losing weight (and at a steady pace, relatively speaking). It seamed the sensible thing to do.

The dress arrived extremely fast - Rue-la-la was really on top of their game! On Friday, I pulled the dress out of it's battered box (how dare UPS treat it thus!) and slipped it over my head. The fabric felt like the softest fabric I've ever felt in my life, yet it was strong. The three different fabrics used on this dress were seamless in their feel and the lining of the dress was luscious. I now know why people hail Ms. Diane Von Furstenberg as the Queen of Dresses! I understand!

The dress hugged my hips rather tightly, but I didn't mind. The fabric was forgiving. There was more rouching present than I thought there would be - that's ok because I know this style of dress fits well on me (see Suzi Chin Dress because the shape is basically the same as the Jori. I knew by looking at it that I would not be able to zip it up all the way. That's ok... lets see how far I CAN zip it.


The zipper wouldn't budge. The zipper is this tiny flimsy thing compared with the strength and grace of this dress. And it wouldn't move! I pulled the dress off and tried zipping it up - no luck. Frustrated, twittered madly (you may have seen) then put it down and went to dinner with a friend. When I came back, I zipped the dress up no problem. I was not wearing it at the time. So I played with the zipper a few times, and it seemed to be functioning. I put the dress away.

Sunday I tried the dress on again. Same thing. Zipper should zip, and doesn't budge. In tears,  I put the dress away again and begin to have an argument with myself about what to do. Call Kara!

My good friend Kara has nearly the same hip measurement as me but she has a much slighter torso. She should be able to zip it up. Today I had Kara over to try on the exquisite Jori dress. We put the dress on her and... It doesn't zip up. But she can fasten the close at the top. Funny thing is, Kara usually takes a size several sizes smaller than me and the zipper still won't budge!

I Contact Rue-la-la
Disheartened, I send an email to the Rue-la-la Concierge. Of course, they can not give me a larger size as is the nature of the sales, but they will credit me $20 if I keep the dress and try to shrink into it. Or, they can send me a pre-paid shipping label and I can return it. They do not answer my primary question: Is there a "trick" to DVF dress zippers??? But at least they are trying to help.

Decisions, Decisions...
So... I ask you my lovely readers what I should do. Should I...
  1. Try to contact DFV directly and see if there is a trick to the zipper?
  2. Regardless, should I keep the dress and take the $20 Rue-La-La credit?
  3. Or should I return the dress because maybe, just maybe, the zipper is defective?
I could always purchase the dress (albeit at a higher price) off of with the knowledge that the 12 was a fiasco and that in all likelihood I am a behemoth in DVF world. But maybe a 14 would be reasonably tight still... and maybe the zipper would work. Or I could abandon the idea all together. Maybe the Jori and I were not meant to be...

In other news, I did put in my order on the Althea Harper Lorenzo dress for New Years Eve today. That makes me a little happier.

Edited - Checked the Jori on and it is not available in a 12 or a 14.