Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My DVF Dress Update

After discussing with reader MH over Twitter the status of my DVF Dress Disaster, I realized that she and some of you may be wondering what happened. Well, here's the story.

I DID Contact DVF Directly
DVF's service was phenomenal in my opinion and this should not go unrecognized. This dress and issue was not their problem, really. The problem was Rue-la-la's and my own. DFV Customer Service acknowledged that they had indeed had a few customers complain about the zipper in the Jori dress - I was not alone! They urged me to talk with Rue-la-la (which I had) but DVF CS went a step further. While their website was out of stock, they searched and found me a store that carried the Jori dress in Black in a size 14, should I want to purchase it. The price would have been higher than what I paid for my dress from Rue-la-la, therefore at this point I have not contacted the store with the dress and size in stock. But I give DVF full marks for trying to please me over an issue with one of their products purchased through a secondary source! Way to go DVF! You made this would-be customer happy.

I DID Get A Second Opinion - My Mother
Over the holiday weekend I tried the dress on for my mom, who was just as excited about my DVF dress as I was (maybe even more so). We were able to snap the dress fixture closed, but once again the zipper did not budge. I took the dress off, and once again , the zipper too several tries before I was able to zip it closed. My mother pronounced the zipper "DEFECTIVE" and in her wisdom advised me to send it back.

My Decision - Send it Back
I did have the option of taking it to the tailor and get a new zipper added in to the dress. But considering it didn't quite fit, I didn't feel comfortable doing this. Truthfully, even before my mother looked at the dress I had decided that it needed to go back to Rue-La-La. The second I decided that I wanted it out of the house. So my mom almost didn't get to see the luscious DVF.

Lesson To Be Learned
No matter what, if the dress doesn't work for whatever reason remember this: There will ALWAYS be another dress.

Someday I will own and proudly wear a DVF. But it will not be this Jori.