Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Frozen Twix, bowls of M & M's, @1Sassy_Chick and her awesome cupcakes...  This has been a weekend of temptation! And I did not fare so well. Any weight loss this week is owed purely to fluctuations and lucky. Any weight gain I have is due to my own bad eating habits and chocolate! I did learn one very important lesson, however: If you are going to drink large amounts of whiskey, you need to actually have eaten something during the day. A salad, Fiber One bar, and a Shakeology alone is not going to cut it! Somehow I missed that lesson during college.

Oh, and the M & M bowls (what was left of them) were tossed out with last night's trash.

Weight:167.2 (-1.2)
I consider this a big win since Chocolate held no calories for the weekend. :)

What Went Right This Week
  • Fitting into a Size 10 pair of cargos for Halloween.
  • I got all my workouts in, even a little extra.
Focus For Next Week
I may have traveling and if I do my focus will be eating well and working out while in Amsterdam. If not, I will be focusing on how to get my back so it doesn't get sore. It started with lifting heavier weights, now I have issues sitting for long periods at my desk at work. This isn't good!

I really hope I can lose 1.4 lbs next week. That would bring my total loss to 40 lbs! Think I can? 

Interested in P90X, Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, ChaLEAN Extreme, Shakeology, Brazil Butt Lift, etc?
Anyone considering joining me on my quest should seriously think about taking advantage of getting discounts from Beachbody for free with startup and first month's fees waved for the first month. See my post on this earlier!