Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Under The Stars

I believe I promised reader Jackie that I would wear this polish from my Rescue Beauty Lounge Sale order first... (I actually did wear it first - but my Concrete Jungle post yesterday slipped out before this one for some reason).

I have been wanting this polish for a long time. Every time Rescue Beauty Lounge would have a sale, I would either talk myself out of this polish ("It'll just look black on my nails!") or it would be out of stock. The Out of Stock was the most occurring scenario - it used to take quite a lot of persuasion to talk me out of a polish (not so much anymore).

Blackened base with blue glitter. We've seen polishes like this from other polish companies, so it might not be unique anymore.

There is something about an RBL polish that makes me want to take a ton of care in applying the polish. I'm not always successful at flawless application (clearly) but this baby was nearly opaque in one coat. I put two on just to be sure. Smooth as butter.

Sadly, this polish began to chip on me almost immediately. I suspect with a different base (I was using Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator) I could have better results.

Bottom Line
I would have regretted not getting this polish, but ultimately I should have listened to the voice that said "It'll just look black on my nails!" because it was right. Wait for another sale to purchase if you want it.