Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thoughts on Rachel Zoe Report Spotlight Featuring Jack Vartanian Python Collection

Like probably many of you, I got my daily dose of Rachel Zoe in my email box today highlighting Jack Vartanian's new Python Collection. Yeah, I have no idea who he is or why I should care about his jewelry - clearly his jewelry is way too expensive for me. But something struck me as I was looking at his designs in Rachel Zoe's email report: Doesn't the basic design have something very... masculine to it?

Jack Vartanian Serpant Necklace $1320
SPERM!  They are sperm necklaces! Not that it's a bad thing, but does Rachel Zoe still have babies on the brain? (Eek, do I since I'm seeing "sperm" and not "snakes"). And, of course, not sure I'd really like to wear something so prominently between my boobs that looks like a sperm. On the other hand, if I were wearing one of these I'd probably be laughing all day long because every time I saw it I'd be thinking "SPERM!!!" But leaving that aside, the pieces are quite pretty and interesting.

I don't know... what do you think?

View the Collection on Jack Vartanian's Online Store