Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whirlwind Trip Abraod - Pictures from Amsterdam

Last week I was given the privilege of a last minute trip to Amsterdam. You know me - that means I freaked out, packed everything, and left home everything I needed (like liquid foundation and my eyelash curler). But once I got to my hotel I relaxed. Then awoke and got excited because my hotel was only a five minute walk from Amsterdam's Fashion District. I didn't even know Amsterdam HAD a fashion district! Having jumped off a plane and taken a quick nap  I took a short walk over to get a new Tiffany charm for my bracelet. Somehow in my stupor I manged to take a few pictures (really, not many... I was NOT functioning).But I will give you my little "Fashion Report" first!

Trends I Noticed
  • Layering - given the climate, I think we'd all say this is a given. But I'm talking cami with shirt over top followed by sweater, followed by jacket.  That's at least one (maybe two) extra layers that I'm used to. Oh, and add a scarf! Scarves are really big!
  • Those hats with the funny ear flaps that hang down - you can find these at Target and say you're following European trends. I kid you not.
  • Boots, but no heels - This have a hard time with. As a short girl with stumpy legs I must admit the Flat Boot is something I just can not do to save my life. Unless I lose more weight or get that horribly invasive leg-lengthening surgery my husband wants me to get I will probably opt out of this trend. But, if you want to fit in with the dutch women, then flat boots it is! Bonus if you're wearing combat-style. 
Are the Dutch Obsessed with Hugo Boss?
Seriously, I saw about 5 different Hugo Boss stores on one street over there. So either the Dutch really really like that brand, or it just happens that this is the place where the brand decided to squat. I don't know. If someone could let me in on the appeal, I would appreciate it.

Hugo Boss Sweater - Might be it, if it has Sequins
The Holy Grail Sweater
While walking half asleep to Tiffany & Co. I happened upon a store window that had a layered look. One of the pieces was a soft grey sweater. It looked like a mohair blend... with sequins peppered through out! It had a ribbed collar, and a tie (or belt around the waist). Here was my inner dialogue:
  • OMG! I have to own that sweater!!! It's perfect for me! It has "Styrch" written all over it!
  • Silly girl, you could knit that. It's not hard. No difficult stitches...
  • You're right but the materials could be a little expensive. After all, the only yarn I've seen that has a sequins is Tilli Tomas. And I don't even want silk for this.
  • Girl, you know you'll never knit it, go inside and take a look.But you'll be let down. You'll probably have to pay $300 or something crazy like that. Or you'll find out it's mostly a polyester blend AND $300.
  • Yeah, I shouldn't temp myself like that...
  • Plus you've seen stuff like that in the mall. I bet you'll find a knockoff easily at some store. Forever 21 or something.
  • Or I could look online for it. Maybe I could buy it there... what store is it? Hugo Boss? 
  • Yes, the store is Hugo Boss. Or at least it's a good bet it's Hugo Boss. 
  • Oh my god I'm so tired, we'll come back after we hit Tiffany & co. 
  • Yes just keep saying that to yourself. You know you'll forget to come back and go get lunch instead.
  • Oh you're right. I'm hungry! I haven't eat in 12 hours... Must feed!
  • No, Tiffany was your priority. Go there first!
  • Ok...
Similar cardigan from Charlotte Ruse
Differences: I want longer sleeves, straight sleeves,
and a more clean cut front but you get the idea.
Of course, I can't find this sweater on Hugo Boss website so I might have the designer wrong. Just because it was on this street doesn't mean it was not affordable. I really blew it by not checking the store and getting up the guts to go inside. I have a real problem feeling like I don't belong in designer stores. And being so tired, that probably fueled this inner monologue (the unspoken word... "You are NOT worthy").

But if anyone out there happens to be in Amsterdam near the Fashion District, I'd love to enlist you help in tracking this sweater down.

At least I found a similar style from Charlotte Russe...

Now for some fun pictures (Holy Grail Sweater not included)

Lunch... the most important thing at the time...

Here is a non-fashion picture just for fun...

Christmas Cheer I guess...

Anyway, it was all business. Very little time for fun. And I wasn't there for very long. Expect a post entitled "My Amsterdam Looks - or  'I look like crap!' looks" later on.