Friday, December 17, 2010

Anthropologie Go-See Dress - A Story About Friendship and a Dress

I have a story for you. As usual, it involves a girl and a dress. A very special dress. What made the dress special? Nothing about the really stood out. What made the dress special was that the girl and her friend picked it out as something interesting together. This dress was the Anthropologie Go-See dress by Moulinette Souers.

Now the girl happened to find this dress just as it sold out on the Anthropologie site. So her friend suggested she stalk Ebay in the hope of finding it. As fate would have it, the dress showed up on Ebay. Anthropologie Dresses usually do, the sticky thing is getting it in your size. This girl needed a 14 at least. The dress she found would not fit her. But it would fit her friend. Because the girl loved the dress so much and felt it needed to be in her life, even tangentially, she purchased the dress for her friend.

When the dress arrived her friend put the dress on and it fit beautifully. She twirled and twirled in front of the girl. She wore the dress to work a couple of times to make the girl happy. Her friend said not to fear - they could continue looking and maybe it would show up in her size. Together they would go out and wear the Go-See dress together and have drinks and be fabulous. But this dream was not meant to be as the girl's friend moved to a far away land, rarely (if ever) to be heard from again.

However, the Go-See dress did not go away. As sometimes happens, it randomly showed up on Anthropologie's website in the sale section. One dress. Probably a return. Size 14. The price was twice what the girl had paid on Ebay for her friend's dress, but the dream was still alive in the girl and she purchased it anyway.

The dress arrived and of course was too small. But the girl kept the dress hoping to lose 10 lbs to fit into it. 10 lbs became 20. 20 became 30. Soon, the Go-See Dress was pushed to the back of the closet to be forgotten.

Two years (at least) went by. The girl had lost weight. She was thinking about her friend one day and remembered the poor Go-See dress sitting in her closet. Would it fit? Would it be too big? There was only one way to find out. She pulled the dress out, and put it on. And... it zipped up with room to spare!

really bad picture
Now the girl boldly wore the dress even though it was a little large. She had another friend take pictures of the dress. She hoped her friend in the far away land would see the pictures and perhaps the dream of wearing their dresses together one day would be revived and the two friends in the two Go-See dresses would be reuinited.

The End?