Monday, December 20, 2010

Evil Shades Wicked Glosses - Quite Possibly The Most Moisturizing Thing To Ever Touch My Lips

Occassionally, when reading Twitter deals I see tweeted by people I follow I occasionally succumb to something I otherwise wouldn't have. This was the case with a deal a while back on Evil Shades, a Buy Two get One Free deal. Had I not also seen the brand mentioned on Phyrra's blog, I would have let the deal pass me by. I mean... for a usability expert, there's only so far I'll let non-professional website take me before I bail out of fear of viruses and accidental portals to popup porn. Thankfully Evil Shade's website appears to be devoid of these fears, so browse as you will. I tried it first.

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Overall Review
I dislike the packaging of these glosses. Pots are difficult to work with (as you'll see below). But I must say I love the way these glosses feel on my lips. They are so moisturizing! Best of all, they as NOT STICKY!!!And they last for a decently long time for a $3 gloss. For the price, you won't be dissapointed.

Wicked Gloss - $3.00 for 3 grams
According to the website:
Ingredients: Coconut oil, cocoa butter, mango butter, stevia,natural and artificial flavor, Emulsifying wax, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Glycine Soybean Lipids,and Lauryl Laurate 
I obtained 6 shades for myself...

Left to Right: Venom, 13th Hour, Sasha's Heart, Guilty as Sin, Loxensis, Lethal Kiss

Black Gloss. I believe this is the one that started it all for Evil Shades, so how could I not get this? I must admit it was terribly difficult to take a picture of this one. I think it would be far better over a lipstick than by itself. And you know I have plenty of lipsticks I can try this as a layer on top.

13th Hour
Blackened purple with shimmer. This was hard to get in a picture the same way Venom was. It is the type of gloss I would layer over a lipstick. If you're a bit afraid of Venom then this is a good deep shade to try before you go all out black.

Sasha's Heart
Purplish brown... Poor Sasha! When I read the name I wondered who it was named after and if it was meant as a slight insult since it is so dark in the jar. But this gloss goes on very sheer. I wouldn't wear this one alone either, but you could. Much easier to wear than Venom or 13th Hour.

Guilty as Sin
Fuschia gloss with shimmer. If I weren't swatching this by itself I would have worn it over a hot pink lipstick and with a lip liner, because it doesn't look that good on me by itself. Applying with the finger - that's very difficult to even, and clearly I couldn't. But I love this color and will be using over pink lipsticks quite a bit this winter, I garantee it!

Pink with shimmer. This one is gorgeous and easy to apply even out of a pot. This is a go-to gloss, if you want one from this line. You could layer it or wear it alone. But it's not unique except in it's moisturizing capability.

Lethal Kiss
Peachy pink. This is a very sheer, easy to wear lip gloss. It will work on a lot of people and work as a good topper to a lot of lipsticks.

Bottom Line
If you're looking for a non-sticky, moisturizing gloss for winter, I recommend trying Evil Shades Wicked Gloss. My favs: Lethal Kiss, Loxensis, and Guilty as Sin. For the more daring, 13th Hour.