Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let's Talk Donna Karan Evening Wear...

I got a nice little email highlighting Donna Karan's Evening Dresses collection. Now of course I can't afford any of these. But I thought they deserved a little bit of thought and discussion. Lets talk about what they all have in common:
  • Each dress is a floor length "entrance maker"
  • Fabric selection seems to be, as usual for Donna Karan, in a limited but classic color Palette (mostly black, reds, navys...)
  • Almost every single dress has a really cool back! 
On a side note, I think I inherited my love of backless dresses from my mom. Neither one of us has ever had a great back but we sure can admire those who do!

So for the tall, rich and lanky, let me present my favorites from Donna Karan's Evening Collection! (all images from Donna Karan's website).

Floor Length Sequin Draped Dress - $2,995

 Floor Length Sequins Draped Dress
 I like this dress because in the season of sequins, when everyone is going sequin crazy, when every brand (even the moderately cheap standby brands) are putting out sequins a stunner like this can still come along and make me think I've never seen sequins before. I'm excited to see the gathers at the waist because I  have never seen that in sequins. I think crossing fabric detail will be flattering for many figures.

Slim Evening Skirt - $637.99 (on sale)
Slim Evening Skirt
While this could have easily gone into gothic "Morticia Addams" territory, this look seems more fresh than that to me. I often look at tops like this one and think "Mother of the Bride" but I think this could work for the younger non-wedding crowd as well. While the bulkiness could be an issue for us busty gals, I still adore teh ruffles.

Floor Length Cowl Neck Halter Dress - $3295

But you need to see the back of this one...

Floor Length Cowl Neck Halter Dress
I love the color of this dress (called "Cosmos"). But what really got me about this dress was the interesting back. The dress looks like it would be one of those that is interesting from all angles. But because of that, I think I might only suggest it for the leggy and posterior-superior crowd. Look at the way this dress would showcase your butt!

Now for a question...

V Plunge Siren Evening Dress - $3495
And the back...

Ok.... my question is this: is this way too much detail? You've got a plunging front and a plunging back. Unlike the previous Cowl Neck Dress this back is totally bare. To me, I saw that and went "WOAH... that's a little much." The name suggests sexiness, but I feel like instead of classy this may have just gone to "bad prom dress" territory. What do you think?

As you know, I have a soft spot for Donna Karan as my very first designer purchase with my own money was from her line.