Monday, December 20, 2010

A Momentous Occasion - I Finished The Scarf!!!

If you've been following me for a while you know that I took up knitting a few years ago in order to learn how to make better fitting sweaters, accessories, etc. I learned fast and I knitted furiously. But one big roadblock got in my way last year: Oberon.

Like myself, my big black Oberon kitty LOVES purple yarn. He takes skeins and rips them into 8 inch pieces and leaves the evidence behind. He also gets a trip to the kitty ER out of it for fear he's digested too something that will harm him. Better safe than dead Obe, after all.

I was kitting scarf Gigi by Annie Modesitt from Romantic Hand Knits. As soon as I got the luxurious silk and sequin "Rockstar" yarn in my hands I knew that this would have to be for my Aunt Linda. She's awesome, and deserved an awesome scarf. Part way through my second skein of the pricey yarn, Oberon struck. He dug into my box (which a book had been put on top of so he couldn't open it) pulled out the project and proceeded to do his kitty trimming. By the time I found him, my beautiful skein of Gloxinia was in 8 inch strips... all $40 of it. So I had to go to ebay and find another skein. While it didn't match perfectly (dye lots *eyeroll*) it is now finished!

Blocked and in the mail, I hope my Aunt gets it soon! :)