Friday, December 31, 2010

My Favorite (Non-Polish) Things in 2010

I've never really done one of these lists before, so bare with me. You know I tend not to write a ton of review, but do most of my blogging work from personal experience and share my mishaps. So this may not be your typical list but hopefully it will be interesting.

Note: Just because these things are on MY list does NOT mean they were new in 2010. It only means that I personally discovered their greatness in 2010. And this list is also in random order.

Favorite Makeup Palette - Urban Decay's Naked Palette
I can certainly appreciate the importance of a good neutral! And this palette has a ton of good neutrals. I spent a week playing with just this one palette. That's more time than I have ever spent playing with any one product from a company in terms of color I put on my face. Check out my 7 days of Naked Round Up if you want to read more.

Favorite Lipstick Purchase - Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Tonkin
I may be slightly biased on this one. The reason I even decided to try Nars Pure Matte Lipstick was that on October 5th a random email showed up in my inbox telling me about this new product signed by François Nars. I have no doubt that the email went out to MANY people other than myself but I was so touched at how personal the email sounded, that it was addressed to me, that it had no accompanying advertising pictures and simply sounded straight from the heart that I placed an order immediately. I sent a reply as well stating my gratitude for receiving such a wonderful treat of a message and informed "François Nars" that he had convinced me to make a purchase. There are fewer purchases I have been happier with this year than my Pure Matte Lipstick in Tonkin. It's a great neutral, sits wonderfully under glosses and is just fantastic.

Favorite Lip Gloss - Evil Shades Wicked Gloss (Loxensis is my Favorite)
I can't stop wearing this gloss! Especially for the winter months, this gloss is so moisturizing and it actually has a decent lasting time. I chose Loxensis as my favorite, I just grab it and go. While the pot is annoying, it's simply one of the best products I have found out there for the price. And they taste/smell yummy too! If you want to read more, check out my review in case you missed it.

Image from Art of Beauty
Favorite Nail Saver - Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator
Yes, it's probably the first product I received for free because I have a Twitter account. But my nails have been going through a lot of hell over the last few years. I still don't have them sorted out (as several nasty posters like to point out to me on occasion, usually anonymously). But Qtica has brought me a long way to getting my nail beds healthy AND this product helps me recover quickly from splits and peels. Or at least recover as well as I can. I know I'll never have perfect nails, but this product will be in my arsenal for a very long time. If you want to read about my nail struggle and how this product has helped me, check out my review with nekked nails!

Favorite Weight Loss Helpers - Chalene Johnson (Turbo Jam and ChaLEAN Extreme), Shakeology, and the LoseIt App
I had to put three thngs in here because for me these things really go together. Turbo Jam got me up and off my butt when nothing else would. I will forever be thankful to the lovely Keri Blair Walden for suggesting it to me. Shakeology has helped me take control of one meal of my day. On the days I don't drink it I usually feel worse and have less energy. It's a good way to get a lot of good things into my body, since I'm prone to eating a lot of crap. And there's even a Shakeology cleanse! The Lose It App is fantastic and I keep track of my calories in and out with it. I haven't done a formal review of it on here because I haven't figured out the best format. I wanted to do video, but the picture doesn't come out very well. So expect a review of this app in the New Year.

Favorite Fragrance - Penhaligon's Artemisia
I really should list Penhaligon's as a brand because I've just become so enamored of it since my co-worker gave me Artemisia as a solid fragrance. After that I was hooked. I embarked on a grand fragrance adventure with Alex Musgrave using Penhaligon's Fragrance Profiling Service and had much success in expanding my knowledge of perfume and how to choose a scent. They also have amazing customer service, an awesome Facebook and Twitter presence, and I seriously don't think I will ever be without one of their scents in my collection ever again.

Favorite Eye Cream - Ling Skincare Re-Lite Eye Gel
I did receive  this product from PR originally but I have purchased it several times since then. I love the way it feels going onto my eye area and have seen an actual improvement of the condition of the skin around my eyes while using it. It is so much a part of my routine, I miss it on the nights I forget to use it or am traveling and have left it at home. In case you missed it, here is my review.

Favorite Skin Fixer - Renee Rouleau Anti- Cyst Treatment
Oh my gosh! If I were to pick one product that has changed my skin the most it would be this one. Not only did it expose me to the wonderful line of products that Renee Rouleau has, but it has decreased my cystic acne dramatically from where it was before I started using it. I have also converted several co-workers to using this product who also had problems with cystic acne and continue to recommend it when ever anyone asks me about skin care products in general. You can read my review here if you like.

Favorite Mask - Boscia Illuminating Black Mask
This one is just fun! I love using it  and I truly believe that this mask does more for my skin that simply remove hairs (believe me - I still see the hairs on my face afterward so I know it's not doing that). While I haven't used it in a while, there are not as many products that I have seen cause quite as much of a stir as this one. It deserves to be on my list for sure.  And as you can see in the comments of my review, some people don't agree with me. You'll either love this one or you'll hate it. For me it's love.

Favorite Body Moisturizer - Lierac Hydrofilia Anti-Dessèchement Super Body Cream
I still can't believe I'm saying this, but this was the best moisturizer for my body I have tried to date. It's not something I have purchased myself - the price tag for the amount is a bit much for me. But it's amazing! I may have to bite the bullet and buy this because my skin hasn't been as hydrated without it. Urea and all. Check my review out here.
Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Devil Horns
The second I got my hands on this I just knew it would be love. And boy is it ever love! I LOVE this lip lustre! I wish I could give one away to every one of my readers. It's sad that I'm not rich so I can't do that, isn't it? Seriously it's the perfect slightly off-beat pink.

For that matter I need to give Fyrinnae Pixy Epoxy a shout out. While I don't LOVE the stuff, it sure has made my love of Fyrinnae grow because I can finally work with their shadows!

Favorite Failure - MAC & Rodarte Collection NOT Happening
The collection that should have never been and thankfully never was. I am so amazed at how the blogger community united to stop this collection from happening and to educate the consumers (myself very much included) about the situation in border towns like Juarez. I also came in contact with many amazing people because of this, people who I will not forget. So this is a bittersweet item to mention - good came out of it, but it was a bad situation all around. However, I will remember 2010 for MAC & Rodarte and the statement we all made together.

Favorite Random Thing - Giving Away OPI La Boheme and China Glaze Moon Pool Neckace from Gingerkitty Designs
One of my favorite things that I did this year was with giving away a necklace by Gingerkitty Designs What made this so fun was that we got to create a really wacky color combo AND it turned out to be quite a beautiful piece of jewelry. But I guess this favorite is sort of veering of into "Polish" so I should stop. :)

Ok... one more polish related thing because it is a THING and it had me so incredibly jazzed!

The Most Awesome Thing - Zoya Makes a "SARAH"
I knew about this polish earlier than I should have because my good Zoya Fairy told me about it. She said it was an awesome red. She never told me it was a FOIL to boot! So when the Fire & Ice collection came out and I finally got my hands on Sarah I couldn't believe how excited I was. Zoya even let me give away some of Sarah so I could spread her around. Really, they were very great... they put up with so much pestering by me about this name for a color I don't know how they could stand me.  Thank you, Zoya!!!

Anyway, polishes will be coming later. They get their own separate post!