Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

I did really well this week! I got in all of my exercises, though I did take two rest days (I needed them). I also had my husband's Christmas party to deal with (where yes, I was the butt of many jokes even though I still had a good time). But all in all, I am making it through this holiday season so far without much impact to my weight loss goal. In my opinion the reason is this: AVOIDANCE.

Weight: 162.8 lbs  (-0.7 which might technically be maintaining, but thank goodness!)

Next week is going to be hard... My biggest obstacle will be overcoming lunch away from work. I have gotten very comfortable with my work cafeteria. Their soups, salads, veggies, and veggie burgers have been my friends. But after this week I'll be on holiday, and that means I'll be left to my own devices.

In all likelihood, I will sleep until noon, wake up, have breakfast, have a snack in the afternoon, and then have dinner. That's what I do on the weekends. But over an extended period of time I know not normally can hamper a metabolism. No one should skip a meal. I'll also be more likely to eat junk.

What are some of your favorite at home healthy lunches? Maybe I can try a few.