Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Zoya's Facebook "Like" Promo! Get In On the Action...

Why not promote this on my blog? I like Zoya and I sure would like to get 3 free nail polishes! Wouldn't you?

Image from Zoya Nail Polish's Blog

In Case You Don't Know, Here's The Deal...
As I understand it, Zoya Nail Poilish wants 20,000 fans on Facebook. On January 3rd or sooner if they get 20,000 fans to "Like" them before that, they will release a code for 3 free nail polishes.

I've already "Liked" them... have you?

Zoya's Facebook Page

Check out details on Zoya's Blog if you're not ready to take the "Like" plunge yet And let me know if you want color recommendations. I have a ton of Zoyas!