Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Accessorizing - Let Someone Else Do the Work!

I received a lot of compliments on this necklace New Years Eve...

Send The Trend Taylor Gunmetal Neckalce - $29.95
Why do I bring this up? Because it is very unusual for me to receive compliments on my accessories. Granted, when you wear a statement piece like I did, you're bound to get more of them. But normally accessories come second to last when I'm getting dressed (my hair being the last thing I think about). I have just never been good about finishing my "look" with the right pieces, knowing what the right pieces are, staying on top of trends.Well thank goodness I stumbled upon Send The Trend!

It's a hokey name, but in all seriousness Send The Trend deserves some attention. Major attention. Particularly from people like me who just can't ever seem to find the time, will, money to really think about accessories. So what is it? It's a subscription service.

Subscription Accessories
Think of this like being able to subscribe and receive your favorite magazine every month, only you get to choose the best article (or articles) out of the junk articles and advertisements you don't want.  Oh, and if you decide there's nothing in that magazine you want that month, then you don't have to pay for it.

Christian Siriano's name is attached to Send the Trend. I'm not going to lie - that probably is how it caught my attention (though I can't really remember).  You may have heard of a similar service that Kate Bosworth started called "Jewel Mint". Both celebrities are supported by other extremely talented people, but star power helps recognition, right?

Why I Think This Idea Rocks!
Think of your little black dress. Assuming it is a rather simple design, how do take it from day to evening let alone keep it current? You do it with your accessories! Among the sea of trends out there that I pay attention to (makeup, nails, food, fashion, etc) I probably actually purchase accessories the least amount out of all of them. So I'd like to get it right for a reasonable price. And I love the idea of having someone who knows what they are doing pick out options for me. Best of all, I don't have to agree with them if I don't want to.

Taylor Gunmetal Necklace from Send The Trend
Sounds strange, right? Well it is a little bit. But I have to tell you, so far I think it's worth it. Here's how it works:
  • Sign up - You don't get charged ANYTHING until you make your first purchase. 
  • Every accessory you purchase is a fixed price, no shipping - Send The Trend charges $29.95, Jewel Mint charges $29.99. Here's how I think about this: Sometimes the accessories will be worth the price, sometimes they won't. You be the judge.
  • Each month, you will be sent an accessory - You do have the option of skipping months if you let them know by the 5th of the month. That means you don't get charged if you don't want to. 
  • You can change the selected accessory to one that you DO want if the one they have selected for you is something you don't want.
  • Purchase more if you want to - They aren't going to stop you if you want more than one thing. They get money.  
  • Quit at any time.
Since I purchased the Taylor Gunmetal Necklace from Send the Trend I have also purchased their Becki Gunmetal Earrings and their Lucky Skull Bow Bracelets. The earrings I chose because I realized they'd go nicely with that necklace I purchased. The Skull Bow Bracelets I decided after I had "skipped" January that I actually did like this little set of bracelets and went out on a whim and got them (hey, I had a $5 off coupon). Shipping is fast.

I have not purchased from Jewel Mint - I am unconvinced that their style would sync up with my preferences for style. So I can't recommend that one to you yet. Maybe in the future.

Bottom Line
Browse the sites. See if they have items that fit your style. Then try one out! (Better, let me know which ones you try because I'd love to keep track). The only bad thing I have found so far about it is that the site could use some assistance in the usability/find-ability department (call me, guys! I do this for a living!)

Have you tried Send The Trend, Jewel Mint or any other similar service? Let me know!