Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Althea Harper - Blogging for ElleGIRL and 15%!

So I just heard via twitter last night that Althea Harper will be blogging Fashion Week for ElleGIRL. You can find the blog on which she is writing on the ElleGIRL website.

After I found that out I wanted to confirm it so I checked Althea's Blog for updates and saw THIS great news that she is offering 15% off everything on her site from now until the end of the month! I wish I had checked this sooner - maybe all my readers would be wearing pretty dresses, or SITTELLA Scarves.

SITTELLA is actually tempting me now... I've had my eye on the Boardwalk dress for a while and am desperately in love with the Beckinsale Tee for no other reason than it would look ridiculous on me and I love the name.

Ok, Styrch... hide the credit card and back away from the computer...