Monday, January 24, 2011

Biggest Loser and DVF: Ah ha! I Knew I'd Seen That Dress Before!

So I was watching The Biggest Loser Session 11Episode 2 for this season last week with my husband (we're behind on watching) and remarked how much I like Alison's dress during the weigh in. I also knew that I had seen it before. I can't for the life of me find a picture of Alison in the dress, but I stumbled on it accidentally at the designer's website and instantly made a connection in my brain.  It was Diane Von Furstenberg Slashed Arita Dress:

Image from - On Sale for $297.50 ($425)
The reason I remembered this dress when I saw it on Alison was because of the slashed neckline. Not only is there an open slash, but the top part of the dress is twisted. The effect looks strange on the model in this picture but the overall effect on Ali was gorgeous! I wish I could find a picture for you... I really wish I could. Because she was stunning and made a good case as to why this dress shouldn't be dismissed as "wonkey" (which is how I filed it when I saw the picture on DVF's site originally).

Incidentally, Shop Bop also has it for $217.

Just thought I'd share.