Friday, January 21, 2011

Coveted Items of the Week: Zoya Intimate and Hale Bob Dress

Entire collection Price: $36
This week I have two coveted items for you! Yes, items I've been obsessing over. Lets take them one at a time.

Coveted Item 1: Zoya Intimate Collection
My Good Zoya Fairy sent me the gift of Rihanna this week (there's a story there I'll tell in another post). But with it came Zoya Intimate Spoon palette. So I was able to actually see the colors against my own skin...

Why I Covet This Collection?
  • Zoya keeps their collections around for a while. Therefore I know I can wait to purchase.
  • I don't believe I own any colors like these colors, therefore I am much more curious than I would be for other collections.
  • I admit I was spoiled by receiving Zoya Fire & Ice as a review item from the company and sort of hoped I'd get this collection too. But if wishes were fishes and such... Plus, I understand - there are much finer hands on which to showcase these beautiful colors than mine!
Will I Get The Collection?
YES! Just as soon as my spending account has recovered from my holiday splurges and my Althea Harper Dress (which I have yet to get my hands on). Speaking of which, I suggest that qualifies the Lorenzo dress as a still-coveted item.

Updated: Zoya just sent me Intimates collection to review so I can cross this item off my coveted list!

Grey Velvet Burnout Tank Dress: On Sale For $208
Coveted Item 2:  Hale Bob Burnout Velvet Tank Dress
I don't know how m any times I've looked at this dress going "oh, if only I looked like that model!"

Why I Covet This Dress
  • Yes, it's partially the model. 
  • For some reason I could see myself wearing this while enjoying a nice time... someplace warm... like maybe Vegas? 
  • It's on sale and that makes everything more attractive.
  • The dress is familiar to me. I believe sometimes I grow to like things because they are familiar. And because I check the Hale Bob sale site often I've seen this dress a lot. I just can't get over the price.
  • The only size left is "L". Isn't that fate?
Will I Buy This Dress?
Probably not. I have no practical reason for it (though my husband and I are planning another trip to Vegas perhaps). I don't like the price. If I see it come up on Rue-La-La, Haute Look, or Ideeli maybe... In fact I may have seen it and just not been fast enough or sure enough of my size. So this is probably a lost cause.