Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Polish Review Of the Year - Chanel Black Pearl

Black Pearl...

No Flash

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The words "Black Pearl" have to bring for some people (like me) images of Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbossa, and Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Every time I look at this bottle I want to start screaming "Yarrrr!!!" and stumble around the house holding a bottle of rum and letting my hair go uncombed and not bathe for days. Yes, for me "Black Pearl" has a different meaning, and none of it evoking the elegance of Chanel. So forgive me for indulging myself a bit in this post... Where' not really all that worried about whether or not Captain Barbossa would fancy this polish, or whether or not Captain Jack would be admiring his nails while playing with his compass... although, he's always had great taste in eye makeup I think. No, the one I should be thinking about pleasing is her...

Tia Dalama aka "Calypso" played by Naomi Harris

Yeah I could imagine the bad-ass Calypso indulging in some pirated Chanel booty once in a while. I think it would look quite lovely on her too.

Close up
Black Pearl... the name really says it all. As you can see in my non-flash picture, this is one near black polish that does not appear black. The color is really more of a green or sea green shimmer in a gray base. I haven't seen too many real black pearls but I sure thought I was looking at them when I saw my nails. Maybe it needs a hint of pink and brown, but this sure comes off just fine for me!

2 coats on Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator topped with Seche Vite.

Alas, this do be a chippy one, Yar!  (I had chips the next day).

Bottom Line
I am very happy to report that this is one Chanel purchase did not result in buyers remorse. Regardless of the chippy problem, I still reapplied and wore it for two weeks straight. I haven't done that with a polish since... well since before I started blogging about polish. Calypso and I are happy with this Chanel Purchase!

Thanks to BellaSugar for alerting the general public that this polish and other Chanel polishes were $7 cheaper on CUSP, a Neiman Marcus Boutique. I got this gorgeous bottle for a mere (comparatively) $18. Sadly Cusp appears to have fixed that mistake. They have raised the price to $25 since the time that I purchased.