Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Knit Happens - Two Weeks To Myself... What Do I Do?

Watch Dexter at my parents house and knit!!!

Ok, well this didn't really take two weeks to knit. Really, in total, it only took a couple of days to knit. But knit it I did!

Please forgive the lack of makeup and hair. :)

The pattern is called $5 in Paris and is about as easy as you can get. The yarn I used was cheap - Knit Picks Comfy in worsted. I saw CaptainYarn's version of this sweater on Ravelry and had to make my own. Believe me, this thing stretches! After several hours of wear, it is most definitely off-the-shoulders.

Best of all, it's washable! I may need to get more of this yarn...