Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Look: Trying to "Get a Kick" from "Unflappable" Mega Metal Eye Shadow

I still am not seeing much of a benefit or use for my "I Get No Kick" Eye Kohl from MAC. Here was another attempt at using it:

On the plus side, I'm using my MAC Paint Pot in Vintage Selection a lot lately. It's a nice base, though a little too shimmery. The thing is, MAC also put out their Mega Metal Eye shadows and I'm just not seeing them as being all that great compared to regular eye shadows. Yes, they are a little creamier and a little larger, but are they really that great? I'm not convinced. Unflappable is a pretty color, though.

I'm far more impressed with this shade of Meow Cosmetics Foundation than the previous one.

  • MAC Paint Pot in Vintage Selection - All over lid.
  • MAC Pigment in Subtle - On top of the Vintage Selection.
  • MAC Mega Metal in Unflappable - In crease.
  • Meow Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Virgin - On brow bone.
  • MAC Eye Kohl in I Get No Kick - Lining lower lash line.
  • Mac Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack
  • Meow Cosmetics Purr-fect Puss in Frisky Sphynx
  • MAC Blush in Dollymix - very lightly. I didn't want the color to be too heavy.
Lips  - didn't get a good pic, sorry.
  • Tokidoki Lip Stain in Nana Star - Gosh, this is becoming a go-to for me!
  • Evil Shades Wicked Gloss in Lethal Kiss