Monday, January 17, 2011

Megan Fox Golden Globe Look

Ok, this is the FIRST EVER post Award Show Red Carpet info on looks I have EVER received, so of course I'm going to post it even though you've probably already seen it a few times over. And if it is your first time seeing Megan Fox's Golden Globe Hair Break Down then I feel very privileged that you're reading it here!

"Hairstylist Andy Lecompte was inspired to create a classic look for Megan Fox with a glamorous vibe to complement her stunning one-strap gown.
To achieve this look, Lecompte started by applying Phyto Professional Intense Volume Mousse before blow drying. He set her hair using a 3/4-inch barrel curling iron and then pin curls. Once he released the pin curls, Lecompte brushed out her hair and gave the hair a deep side part."

Dude... I can't believe my first break down read carpet hair look is Megan Fox. My husband will be so proud! Incidentally I thought she looked very sweet and downplayed the sexy just right... up until the part where Megan tripped on stage a bit and hiked up her skirt. I mean, if anyone can pull of a slit THAT HIGH it's her.