Friday, January 14, 2011

My Coveted Item of the Week: McQ- Alexander McQueen Asymmetrical Sweater

I decided to start doing something weekly... we'll see how it goes. I figure on nearly a weekly basis there is at least one item I am obsessing over. It can be anything. I'll post it every Friday. Like I said, let's see how it goes.

Asymmetrical Sweater by McQ - Alexander McQueen
I saw this sweater on ShopBop and it was instant love.

Asymmetrica Sweater by Mc@ - Alexander McQueen
Available at ShopBop - $340

See what I mean About the Waist?
Why do I Covet This Sweater?
  • I love grey sweaters!
  • It is 100% cotton, which is awesome.
  • I have never personally tried to knit asymmetrical hems before. Which means it's giving me new ideas.
  • Dude... the use of the dropped stitch in this is way awesome!
  • It's too much money for me to spend.
Will I Get It?
Heck no! I just purchased an Althea Harper dress! I can't go plunking down $340 for a sweater. Also, I think maybe the fit around the hips/waist could be improved. Plus, they don't have my size in stock.

However, I do think I could knit this. Don't be surprised if you see me attempting my own Asymmetrical Sweater inspired by this design.

All images are from ShopBop. I will take them down if they want me to do so. Hopefully I'm directing traffic to their shop. It is an awesome place to browse covetable items. Eventually, with enough preparation, I will start shopping there!