Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Eve - A Story About A Girl and a Dress...

@Ideeli really saved my butt on this one! I was shocked when I pulled this out of the closet at the last minute and found that it fit!!!

French Connection "Sarah" Jersey Dress from Ideeli
Report Booties
Necklace from Send The Trend

It's a little "Star Trek Uniform" no? But I like it! I think I did pretty good for a last minute dress.

Maybe you remember back when I purchased this dress, but I couldn't fit into it. Lizzie Grant character wore it on Entourage and the same week it started showing up on all sorts of sale sites. When I Googled it I found out the name was "Sarah". And we all know that means I have to have it, right? It was a goal dress. Well, goal obtained!!! Ideeli, thank you for making this dress available for purchase by me and for being so incredibly awesome this year during my weight loss!!!

And now, a story! I've been writing so many of these "A Girl and a Dress" stories... maybe that should become a regular column piece? What do you think?

Althea Harper Lorenzo Dress
(What I was supposed to wear.)
Image from
A Girl And A Dress...
The first thing you will notice is that this French Connection dress is NOT the Althea Harper dress I was planning on wearing. If you remember, the Althea Harper Lorenzo dress was a weight loss goal of mine. Those of you following me on Twitter you know I've been pretty giddy over my purchase of Althea Harper's Lorenzo Dress. Althea Harper herself seemed excited for me and wanted to deliver the dress in person to make sure it fit! Too good to be true, right?

Like most things that are too good to be true... Well, you know.

Althea and I  had planned to meet up on December 27th. I was ecstatic! Who gets the opportunity to have a designer come to their house personally to fit a dress??? Not me! I'm just a user experience professional with a husband and two cats who also happens to blog! I am not special enough to belong on that list! But somehow, here I was... getting an offer from Althea Harper. How could I possibly turn her down? Would I be available on the 27th? Yes! I had to cut short my stay in Michigan with my family to make it home in time. As an only child, I think my mom was a little dissapointed that I only had a couple of days with my family. That's ok, though. My mom is an Althea Harper fan too!

Mother Nature had other plans... The New York City "Snowpocalypse"

Like most travelers coming from the East Coast, Ms. Harper was detained awaiting the airports to reopen and reschedule flights. I imagine she probably did not get the most direct flight to Dayton. Rescheduling rarely involves direct trips. She arrived in Dayton several days later than she planned on arriving. Her luggage did not arrive with her. Needless to say, my dress was among the items in the possession of the TSA flying somewhere around the country. Ms. Harper was very kind, emailing or texting me every day to let me know the status of the dress and her plans. Of course, New Year's Eve arrived and my Lorenzo Dress was... somewhere else.

Poor Althea... If there is one thing I can not stand about traveling it is that I figure I lose my luggage about 1/2 the time I travel if my flight involves connections. I know EXACTLY what it is like. It's why I always pack pajamas and several changes of undies in my carry on.  Ms. Harper kept apologizing and keeping me up to date on what she knew about her luggage (which was nothing). She was hardly the only person to lose their luggage during this holiday season. The situation was absolutely not her fault in any way shape or form. She even offered to stop by my New Year's Eve party and say "hi", but like the Lorenzo dress that was not meant to be.

Althea Harper asked me if I would be able to use the dress for my birthday in a month. Of course! There is always a way to invent a reason to wear a rockin' dress! And as I told Ms. Harper - I am brainstorming all the ways I can wear the Lorenzo Dress that don't involve dinner parties. After paying that the price for it, I plan on getting as much wear out of it as I can.  Do you think I could knit a chunky cropped sweater to go over it to make up for the one sided sleeve so that I could wear it to work? :)

I still do not have the Lorenzo Dress in my possession. But the French Connection was a wonderful substitute in a pinch. Especially since I was afraid I would never be able to wear it. I haven't been losing weight, but  I think my composition has been changing.

Please share your ideas on how I can turn the Lorenzo Dress into a multi-occasion/casual occasion dress once I have it!

P.S. Althea, I hope you make a "Sarah" dress sometime. :)