Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Or "Holiday Weight Gain Report" as I probably should call it!

Here's the deal - I worked my butt off, even did my dreaded ChaLEAN Extreme Burn Intervals twice. I pushed myself on my weight lifting.I also got an extra Turbo Jam in. So I know without a doubt that I wasn't keeping as good of track of my food over New Year as I thought. I knew I had gone a little lax, but I didn't realize how lax. You could even check my Lose It app logs... I kept pretty darn good track. But I guess no one can escape the holiday weight gain.

Weight: 164.2 lbs (+ 2.1 lbs)

In order to have a weight gain of 2.1 lbs I have to have had an excess of at least 7000 calories. I don't think I did so I really hope some of this is muscle. 

This is recoverable!
Everyone has set backs, and plateaus. I've just been having a heck of a difficult month and I will NOT let it stop me or get me completely discouraged. I will persevere.

Maybe it's time for another Shakeology Cleanse. Anyone want to join me? It is still free (until Jan 7th) to join Beach Body as a coach and get 25% off anything including Shakeology. Just sign up!