Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

This past week I can say that I finally got back into my regular eating habits. After realizing how little energy I had I started analyzing my nutrient intake from the weeks while I was on vacation. It turns out most of my calories were swayed toward "Fat" even good fat, and very little protein. I was going for heavy veggies without paying attention to protein and some days my fat percentage was as much as 80%! Those were the days when I snacked more but didn't plan meals well. My mom will say "It's the alcohol!" but oddly, those days were alcohol free days. They simply were imbalanced.

I also started Turbo Fire. Let me tell you - it's like Turbo Jam on speed! I even tried to get my husband to join in but he couldn't keep up. I took him back to Turbo Jam to learn the moves a bit more, and he still was having trouble with his right vs. his left. Eventually he gave up saying his knees hurt. I'll continue to work on him.

Weight: 161.4 lbs (-2.8 lbs)

What Went Right
  • I realized my problem was nutrient intake percentages.
  • I started TurboFire regardless of being afraid of it.
  • Getting my husband involved, or initiating the continuing effort is a GOOD THING.
  • I got excited with the Snow Blower and did 4 driveways yesterday. Not as much of a calorie burn as shoveling, but infinitely more fun! And believe me - if you have a snowblower, get your neighbors drive too if they haven't done theirs yet. They will love you for it!
Focus for Next Week
Cook more and try to get off of Lean Cuisines. Even if that means preparing soups in advance. Also, I've found an Achilles Heel: Dorothy Lane Market Friend Green Beans. Love 'em! Must not buy!